November Project Canada:


Pride Run:


Lead Editor, Colorist, and Gaffer

Skinvestment is a 10 minute documentary that looks at the culture of tattoos, and what a person should consider and do before getting a tattoo. Many tattoo artist talk about what they feel is the best way to not only get a tattoo but to get one you will like for the rest of you’re life.

Shot with Canon 7D

Edited with Adobe Premiere CS6

Sunsilk 25 Hour Challenge:

Lead Editor

This video was created for the Sunsilk 25 hour competition, where you had to create music video using their song.  I worked closely with the director on this project to ensure that her final vision was achieved, as well a making sure that the video would stand alone as a high quality music video.

Edited with Adobe Premiere CS6

God Bless Africa Music Video:

Location Manager, and Grip

Working with International Artist Garth Prince, this music video was created to help bring awareness to the spread of AIDS and HIV in Africa. It shows the audience the that if you have HIV/AIDS you are not alone in the fight.

Shot with the Sony AF100

Shadows Underground:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 2.21.13 AM

Assistant Director, VFX artist, and Sound Designer

Shadows Underground tells the story of people who are trapped in a bunker after a nuclear war devastastes the world. After years of waiting, Saiorse decides she has had enough of the bunker and wants to venture out into the wasteland, but her husband Neil believe that to be suicide. The characters struggle as they fight to find out if it’s better to die free or live trapped forever.

Shot with the Sony AF100

VFX done with Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects

City of St. Albert Corporate Videos


Director, Camera Operator, and Editor

I worked with the City of St. Albert to create video that outline proper health and safety guidelines for new employees   As well I worked on creating a new orientation video for employees.

Shot with the Canon T3i

Edited with Avid Studio

Cultural Crossroads


A project for RCI, Radio Canada International, about what does it mean to people to be a Canadian.  Please see link people to view the project.

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