Hello! My name is Trent Schneider, I’m the sole video producer with the Edmonton Football Club, I’m responsible for the completion of videos from pitching to final mix, while working with other departments to make sure the videos meet the brand standards and expectations. My job requires me to excel at a high pace and demanding environment, as many projects need to be completed in very short timelines.

Demo Reel:

In my role I deal with a variety of sponsors, community organizations, and internal requests to create videos tailored to specific needs. I am responsible for the production to stay on schedule, resolve any unforeseen issues, while ensuring that management is in constant loop of progress. Projects such as this include in-game features, sponsored weekly web features, and numerous ticketing campaign videos. I have also freelanced with numerous local Edmonton companies including the City of Edmonton to create promotional materials. For these projects I must understand what is being asked for and then deliver a professional quality video they are satisfied with.

Other skills I have from my work are shooting, directing, proficiency in Mac/PCs, Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Suites. Additionally, I maintain the video and photo archives of the team while helping with technical issues when needed. In my role I have travelled to other locations to film and edit content.

Recent examples include Jacksonville, Florida for the hiring of the new head coach and Inuvik, NWT for a promotional tour. My work has been aired on both local and national television networks while a short documentary, which I directed and edited, was shown on the Discovery Channel.

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